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Mar 4, 2020

C Program To Find Area Of Triangle

Ex: write a C program to find area of triangle. How to write a C program which find area of triangle. C Program To Print area of triangle.

Input from user:
Enter the breadth of triangle: 5
Enter the height of triangle: 10

Expected output:
Area of triangle: 25.0000

Step by step descriptive logic of the given program:

1. First accept breadth and height of the triangle from user.

2. Use variable b for breadth and h for height of the triangle and a for store area of triangle.

3. In the logic  multiply breadth into height and devide it by 2 a=(b*h)/2

4. Print a(area of triangle) on the output screen.



int main()

 int b,h;

 float a;

  printf("Enter the breadth of triangle\n");


 printf("Enter the height of the triangle\n");    



 printf("Area of triangle is %f",a);

return 0;


Above program shows the following output:

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