Mar 3, 2020

C Program To Find Circumference Of Circle

Ex: Write a C program to find circumference of circle. How to write a C program to find circumference of circle. C program to find circumference of circle.

Input from user:
Enter the number: 9

Expected output:
Circumference of circle is 56.520000

Step by step logic of the given program:

1. Accept input from user declare variable say no.

2. To find circumference of circle use following circumference formula:

3. But in logic of the program we need to add pi's value means 3.14.

4. We will find circumference of circle as follows:

5. Print value of c (circumference of circleon the output screen.


void main()
int r;
float c;

printf("enter the radius of circle\n");


printf("circumference of circle is %f",c);


Above two Program's show's the following output:

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