May 18, 2020

Classification of the programming languages

There are many programming languages which are used to  instruct the computer to perform various tasks.
Basically programming language defines a set of instructions that are compiled together to perform a specific task by the CPU.

Programming languages are basically devided into 3 types:

1. LOW level language

2. Middle level language
3. High level language

Which is shown in above image.

The image which is given below describes the abstraction level of hardware. Which shows  level of abstraction of languages.

  • Low level language is contains basic instructions recognised by a computer.
   Low level language is not human readable. It has basically two types:
1. Assembly language
2. Machine language 

1. Assembly language is one step closer to a high level language than machine language. In this language includes some commands such as MOV(move), ADD(add), & SUB(subtract) etc. commands are used in this type of language.

2. Machine level language is also called as low level language because data writen in this language is 0's and 1's binary format.

  • Hight level language is easily understoodable compared than machine level language or assembly language. It is programmer friendly language.
It has less memory efficient than machine level language.
 Some Examples of high level language:
C, C++, Java, python etc....

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