Aug 16, 2020

C Program to Find Length of String Using Pointers

Ex: Write a C program to find length of string using pointers. How to write a C program to find length of string using pointers. C program to find length of string using pointers.

Input from user:

Enter the string: 

Hi this is codeforhunger

Expected output:

Length of string= 24

  Step by step logic of the given program:

1. Accept input(string) from user store it in some variable say str.

2. After that use while loop(any loop) to iterate string through last element:


3. Inside the loop increment counter by 1(to calculate length of string). i.e, count++;

4. After that print value of count(length of string) on the output screen.

  Program to find length of string using pointers:


int main()


char str[100];//declare string size 100

char *ptr=str;/*declare pointer which points to string(str)*/

int count=0;

printf("Enter the string:\n");


/*Iterate string through last element*/






printf("Length of string= %d",count);

return 0;


Above program shows the following output:

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