Oct 7, 2020

Guess the number game in C (project 1)

Ex: Write a C program to make a game, guess the number. How to write a C program using rand function  to make a (guess number) game. C game for guess the number.

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In these program we used two extra header files one is <stdlib.h> and second is <time.h>. <stdlib.h> header file  used because in the program we have used srand() function and rand() function. This two functions are defined in <stdlib> header file.

<time.h> header file used because in the program we have used time() function.  time() function gets current system time as a structure.





int main()


int num;

int guess=1;

int rand_num;

/*For random numbers between 1 to 100*/


rand_num = rand()% 100 + 1;

/*Run a loop until the number is guessed*/


printf("Enter the number between 1 to 100:\n");




                    printf("Enter lower number\n");


            else if(num<rand_num)


                     printf("Enter larger number\n");




                     printf("You guessed number in: %d attempts\n",guess);


     /*Increment guess by 1*/



return 0;


Above program shows the following output:

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