Dec 30, 2020

Learn C programming in easy way | codeforhunger


Here, you will learn all C programming exercises and examples with their solutions.

To start learning Programming first you will need to know what is programming.

Why C is important to learn?

C programming lanuage is very popular programming language and it is also known as mother of all Programming languages. In simple words C Programming language is important because of its flexibility, efficiency and it is closer to the machine than other Programming languages that's why it is used to build operating systems, compilers,  interpreter's and many more...

First we will start with small introduction:

>>Introduction of C...

Here, you will  learn lot of programming exercises like:

 Basics of C programming language

If-else statements in C,

Loop's in C,

Arrays in C,

Pattern program's in C,

Series program's in C,

Strings in C,

Switch-Case in C,

Functions in C,

Pointers in C,

Bitwise operators in C,

File handling in C,

Tricky program's......

Projects in C:

Game 1

Game 2

I hope this exercises will help you to learn C programming from basics to advance and also to gain your C Programming knowledge

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