Apr 26, 2022

Top 15+ OOP's Interview Questions & Answers in 2022

In this post we will learn which interview questions of oops are asked mostly in interview.

      What is Object Oriented Programming Interview Questions :

The answer is simple and straight object oriented programming interview questions means the questions which are asked on oops concept's like there are four main concepts of oops -  inheritance, abstraction, encapsulation and polymorphism.
There are so many question's in object oriented programming because object oriented programming is one of the very important concept and style of programming. That's why interviewers asks most questions on it.  

Top 15+ oops  interview questions, mostly asked oops interview questions

      Interview Questions On Object Oriented Programming (OOP's) :

Here, is the list of some of the mostly asked object oriented programming (oops) questions and answers. 

1. What is Object Oriented Programming ?

In simple words object oriented programming is a programming type that is based on objects rather than just functions and procedures. Here, objects are considered as a real world entities like table, dog, cat etc. This objects have some states and behaviors.

2. What are the advantages of OOP's ?

There are many reasons to use OOP's, Some of the Most important reasons are:

  • The code written using OOP's is readable, understandable & most important is easily maintainable.
  • Using OOP's we can divide big or complex problems in different parts which makes it easy to solve.
  • We can reuse the code using inheritance.
  • It provides features such as data hiding, data encapsulation etc.

3. What are the most popular OOP's languages ?

  • Java  
  • C++ 
  • Python 
  • C#
  • Ruby
    and many more....

4. What is a Class ?

Class is a template or blueprint of an objects. It is also considered as a user defined datatype. It consists of number of methods and set of instructions. 

5. What is Object ? 

If we compare object with a class, then class is like a categories and object is like a item within each category. An object is a real world entity like a cat, dog, bike etc. It has both sates and behaviors here, states represents its data and behaviors represents its functionality.   

6. What is Constructor ?

Constructor is a special type of method whose name is same as its class name. It is automatically called when object of the class is created and it is used for initializing an objects.

7. What is the difference between class and object ?

Class Object
Class is a template or blueprint of an object Object is a real world entity
Class is like a category And object is like a item in that category
Class is a logical entity and does not take memory space when created Object is a physical entity, So it takes memory space when created

8. What is a superclass or base class ?

A superclass or base class is a class from which subclass or child class is created. It acts like a parent of other classes.

9. What is a subclass or derived class ?

 A subclass or derived class is a class which is inherited from another class. It is also called as child class. 

10. What are the main features of OOP's ? Explain?

There are four main features of OOP's.... Inheritance, Encapsulation, Polymorphism and Data Abstraction.

After that you can explain above four features one by one.

11. What is inheritance means ?

The term Inheritance is a simple, In which one class based or created using another class. The class which is inherited from other class can access the data of that class. So, inheritance allows code reusability.

12.  What is polymorphism ?

In OOP's Polymorphism means ability to exist in multiple forms. for example: if we have class called a books and it have method called author but we cannot define it because different books have different authors. We can define method in the subclass with different definitions for different books.

13. What is encapsulation ?

Encapsulation is a nothing but a binding data and code together into a single unit. For Example: To achieve data abstraction... Within a class we have to declare variables private and to access that variable we have to provide getter and setter methods.

14. Explain what is abstraction with real life example?

Abstraction means hiding internal implementations from user and only showing important details to the user or we can say abstraction means only showing necessary details to the user by hiding internal implementation.
For Example: We all use an ATM machine to withdraw money but we don't know how internally it works that is nothing but a abstraction.

15. What is method overloading ?

Class having two or more methods with same name and with different parameters is nothing but a method overloading. 

16. What is method overriding ?

If child class is not satisfied with parent class method definition then child class is allowed to redefine that methods based on its requirement then this called as a method overriding. Here, the overridden method must have same method signature(Name and parameters) as a parent class method.

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