Apr 22, 2022

8 Best Free Online Frontend Web Development Courses in 2022

There are lot of paid web development courses available to learn online. But the problem is most of the students can't afford this courses in their college life. 

I agree that paid courses are often better than free courses but if you are just starting your journey, then starting with free curses is not a bad choice. 

Today, I am going to share some of the best free web development courses for beginners or also for those who may know little bit about programming.

Best 8 Free Frontend Web Development Courses for Beginners in 2022:

So here is the list of some of the best free web development courses. These courses will help you to learn web development from zero to advance level. In this courses you will learn essential and mostly used web development technologies like HTML, CSS, JavaScript and also you will learn some web development frameworks like Angular, Bootstrap, React etc.

1. Web Developer Course HTML, CSS, JavaScript Learn Web Design: 

Free Web Development courses, Learn web development free


In this course you will learn how to develop website from scratch using HTML, CSS and JavaScript. This course covers everything including how the web works, HTML, CSS and JavaScript and much more. In this course you will also get bonus like PDF Guide with 80 + pages including source code and examples. 

So if you are interested to learn then here is the link to join this course.

2.  Foundations of Front-End Web Development :


If you are a beginner and you don't even know 'W' of Web development then this course is one of the best course available on udemy. Because in this course everything is explained from scratch that's why this course is named as foundation's of front-end web development. In this course you will learn HTML, CSS and JavaScript from basics and at the end you will get knowledge enough to start your career as a Junior Front End Developer. 

This course contains 20 hours of long video content and 4.5 stars of excellent rating. So if you are interested, then here is the link to join this course

3. Web Design for Web Developers: Build Beautiful Websites:


In this course you will learn web design free with lot of tips and guidelines to make web development easy and fast. This course contains tons of  amazing web design books and resources for HTML5 and CSS3. This course will teach web design tips and tricks such as how to create text look professional, how to correctly use colors,  how to use images, fonts and icons to make website look more shiny.

If you want to join this course then here is the link.

4. Web Development By Doing: HTML / CSS From Scratch :


In this course you will learn two main pillars of web development First one is HTML and second is CSS. Here you can learn basic concepts of web development such as changing colors, adding images, creating basic web page with attractive design. 

This course contains 1 hour of video content. Yes, its short course than above other courses but, yeah it will cover all basic concepts of web development.

If you are interested then : Here is the link to join this course.


5. Complete Bootstrap 4 course - build 3 projects:

Complete bootstrap course free, learn bootstrap free, bootstrap

If you want to learn frontend development fast and easily then learning bootstrap is the best choice. Bootstrap is a most popular CSS Framework which is used to develop responsive websites. Responsive web designs means developing websites which works and easy to use in all types of devices like  smartphones, mobile phones, laptops, desktops and also TV's. 

So, to develop responsive designs fast and easily bootstrap is considered as a best choice. We can develop web pages easily using bootstrap framework.

If want to learn bootstrap free : Here is the link to join this course

6. Learn Responsive Web Development from Scratch :

Learn Responsive web development, learn front end  development for free, learn web development from scratch

Like above this course will also help you to learn responsive web development from scratch. But difference is this course contains more tools and tips to develop responsive and unique web designs. This course will also teach you twitter bootstrap 3 with projects for better learning. 

In this course you will learn necessary things to master the web development easily like frameworks, tricks and techniques,  libraries, best web development practices etc.

This course contains 4.5 hours of video content, 1 article , 14 downloadable resources plus you will get full life time access to this course and also certificate of completion.

If you are interested to learn responsive web development then : Here is the link to join this course.

  • Below two courses are available on youtube : 

7. Web Development For Beginners In Hindi: HTML, CSS, JavaScript & More by CodeWithHarry :

Web development for beginners in hindi, web development, codewithharry

As I mentioned in title this course is in hindi language and it is available on youtube. This playlist is one of the best web development playlists on youtube. Because in this course you will learn web development from scratch. This course is specially designed for beginners and here you can learn HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript/ ES5/ ES6 and other concepts to advance level. After completion of this course you will be able to create a website easily.

If you are interested then : Here is the link to watch this course.  

8. Front End Full Course | Front End Development Tutorials by SimpliLearn :

This course contains 11 hours video. This course covers all the important concepts of front end web development like HTML, CSS, JS and also Git, React and Angular. Most important thing about this course is you can learn following free courses with certificates:

1. FREE Git Course with Completion Certificate.
2. FREE Angular Course with Completion Certificate.
3. FREE JavaScript Course with Completion Certificate.
4. FREE ReactJS Course with Completion Certificate.

Above mentioned 4 courses links are provided in this front-end development course description. 

If you wan't to watch this course then: Here is the link.

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I hope above 8 courses will help you to start your web development career as a beginner or as a junior front-end developer. If you like these free front end development courses, then don't forget to share it with your friends and colleagues. If you have any doubts or feedback, then please drop a comment given below in the comment section.


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