Jun 11, 2022

Generic Class Example in Java

In this post we are going to learn what is generic class with example. Generic class in java example. 

A Generic class means in that class we can use any type as parameter(T).  In this example we are using the T type parameter to create a generic class.

  Simple Example of Creating Generic Class in Java:


package com.java.Examples;

public class TestGeneric {
   public static void main(String[] args) {
      Car<String> name = new Car<String>();
      Car<Integer> speed = new Car<Integer>();


      System.out.printf("Name of the car is :%s\n", name.get());
      System.out.printf("Speed of the car is :%d\n", speed.get());
//Creating Generic Class
class Car<T> {
   private T obj;

   public void add(T obj) {
      this.obj = obj;

   public T get() {
      return obj;

Name of the car is : XUV500
Speed of the car is : 200

In the above example T type parameter indicates that it can refer to any type like String, Integer etc.

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